30 Reasons Why Horse People are Crazy


I can’t be the only person who thinks horse people are a little bit off. Here is a list of 30 reasons why horse people are crazy.

1. We ride a 1000 lb animal

2. We are willing to live in a barn

3. Our horses hair looks better than our own

4. We see a “free horse” ad and take him home even though we know better

5. Our horses are better dressed than us

6. We complain about getting up for work and school but have no problem being at the barn for 5am to feed the horses

7. Barn chores are always more fun than house chores

8. We spend more money on our horses shoes than our own

9. We click or cluck at our other animals when wanting them to move

10. We can find hay in almost every piece of clothing

11. We have tried horse grain or treats at some point

12. We would rather clean stalls then our room

13. Our horses see the dentist more often than we do

14. On show days we are up before our alarm but when it’s a work day we snooze

15. We can speak horse without using a word

16. When injured we always ask “when can I get back to riding?”

17. Our gym workout includes a pitch fork, a wheelbarrow and a lot of poop

18. You own more gum boots then actual shoes

19. Any snack eaten at the barn is shared with the horses

20. Horse aren’t our whole life but they make our lives whole

21. We cannot avoid judging horseback riders in movies on their riding form and their horse

22. Hands are dirty but we still eat our lunch before washing

23. Spring cleaning consists of hair, hair and more hair

24. Even though we’ve been bucked, kicked and stomped on we never give up

25. We first check out the horse before we check out the cowboy

26. We count in strides rather than feet or meters

27. When passing large fields we imagine what it would look like with horses in it

28. We’ve all climbed to the top of the sawdust pile just to see if we can sink to the bottom

29. We make sweat, mud and sleep deprivation a fashion statement

30. We wander through tack stores more than we do at the mall