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How To Treat Mud Fever

  Mud Fever is very common in horses that live and work in wet or damp conditions. It is most common during the winter months through early spring when we get the most amount of rain and wet weather. It is a bacterial fungus that attacks your horse’s heel, pasterns and can also move up […]

Homemade Horse Cookies

  Is it too wet to go outside and ride? Why not make some yummy homemade horse cookies for your next barn visit. Ingredients – Crushed Peppermints 2 cups Flour 2 Carrots or Apples 1 cup Oats ¼ cup Molasses ½ cup Water   Directions – Pre heat oven to 350 degrees Mix Flour and […]

Why Should I Use Polo Wraps

Should I Use Polo Wraps?

  Another great question that equestrians ask is “why should I use Polo Wraps?” or “Who uses Polo Wraps?”. Polo Wraps do a number of things. First off they are used for supporting the horse’s legs while working them. They help support the ligaments from bowing or straining. With the even pressure that they create […]

What Are Polo Wraps

What are Polo Wraps?

Polo Wraps and How to Apply Them This is a common equestrian question asked these days. Polo Wraps are a long strip of fabric, usually a type of fleece, varying in length and width depending on the size of the horse.  They are fastened on by Velcro at the end of the roll and fastened […]