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30 Reasons Why Horse People are Crazy

  We ride a 1000 lb animal We are willing to live in a barn Our horses hair looks better than our own We see a “free horse” ad and take him home even though we know better Our horses are better dressed than us We complain about getting up for work and school but […]

Stuck between a Bay and a Buckskin

We’ve all hear the saying “stuck between and rock and a hard place” and that is exactly what I am feeling right now. You see I own a Bay, Quarter horse Arab, gelding named Cosmo. He has been mine for the past 4 and a half years. We have overcome many things, grown together, and […]

Thanksgiving Day Mash

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Canada. During this long weekend I love to spend time with my family, relax, eat turkey and of course hang out with my horse. This morning I decided to make a special treat for the horses. Seeing as we get to eat lots of delicious food during this time, I […]

Horse First Aid – What’s In My Bucket?

  I am in no way a vet, but I do have some experience with accident prone horses. I have created a small bucket that I keep with my tack that is filled with items that I have needed or used during dealing with an injured horse. These items have helped me when doing any […]

30 Reasons Why Horse People are Crazy

  I can’t be the only person who thinks horse people are a little bit off. Here is a list of 30 reasons why horse people are crazy. 1. We ride a 1000 lb animal 2. We are willing to live in a barn 3. Our horses hair looks better than our own 4. We […]

Taylor and Tanga’s Story

  The day I moved to Chilliwack, me and my fiancée took a drive around just too take a look at the town we were now to call home. We noticed how many farms there were, that had a number of horses and cattle. As a kid my mother would always send me away for […]

5 Ways to Build Trust with Your Horse

  Why is trust important? It’s no surprise to us equestrians that we are working with a very large animal. Our horses are created mentally with a flight or fight reaction and will almost always react in such a way when they are frightened or nervous. We need to be our horses safe place, a […]

Horse’s Hooves- Barefoot or shod?

  Post Written By: Makaila Lapointe Should a horse have shoes or should he be barefoot? This is a popular equestrian debate in this day of age that many riders and owners of horses often discuss. Today I will not tell you my opinion, but instead I will lay out the pros of each topic and […]

Training & Caring for Miniature Horses

  Post Written By: Tonni Gonzalez Training and caring for a miniature horse is not all that different from caring for a large breed horse. They are very similar in how you take care of them. However, if you are not careful, you could hurt them. Miniature horses are more fragile and need close care. […]

Help Beat the Heat

  Help Beat the Heat With summer temperatures now here, we are all looking for ways to cool off. If it’s hot for you then it’s hot for your horses. It’s important to make sure they are able to keep cool during these heat waves. There are lots of ways that we as horse owners […]