Stuck between a Bay and a Buckskin

We’ve all hear the saying “stuck between and rock and a hard place” and that is exactly what I am feeling right now.

You see I own a Bay, Quarter horse Arab, gelding named Cosmo. He has been mine for the past 4 and a half years. We have overcome many things, grown together, and built a connection like no other. He has become the horse that I tell my friends “one day my kids will ride him…” (And no I don’t currently have any children). In my books he won’t be leaving my life until the day he passes away. I’ve had to work hard to keep him and I have enjoyed the journey we’ve had so far together. To me he’s the perfect family horse, great with children, listens well, and is incredible with any disabled rider. He’s got quite the personality and a bit of a jealous streak if he sees me with another horse. So as you can already see Cosmo owns a big part of my heart.




Now, for the buckskin part of the equation. There’s this quarter horse gelding named Russ. I’ve known him and his owner for a few years now. Russ and Cosmo have become the best of friends and at times they act like their brothers. Russ’s owner and I have moved to a few barns together over the past couple of years and it has caused our friendship to become what it is today. I do not own Russ but have helped his owner out with him. An opportunity has come for me to work him more regularly and start to build a connection with him. He’s a very handsome looking boy, built right, and very smart. He comes when I call him, loves to be scratched and always shows interest in wanting to be worked and ridden. Russ is the horse you know will turn heads if he were to enter a show ring.




This past week I booked a lesson with my riding coach and did it with Russ, I was curious about him and his abilities. I was blown away at how quickly he let me into his head and allowed me to work with him. It was an instant click for me in my brain. I got that feeling you get when everything just seems to work so smoothly together. That click that comes with trusting a horse and having the horse trust you. I went from “this is just a ride to see where he is at” to “this is a ride I wish would never end”. With that being said the lesson ended and our time was up. I dismounted and allowed myself to process everything that was going through my mind. Russ is very smart and was able to challenge me in my knowledge. He has captured my mind.

Yes, Cosmo is a great horse to ride. He pushes me in my physical part of riding, which is a great thing. Now with Russ that’s more mental for me which is also good. The problem lies in the fact that I’m your typical horse girl…

I have to work a full time job to afford 1 horse. I teach riding lesson as a part time job so I have a little extra money for those “surprise” expenses. With working, being married and just trying to have a life, I find it hard just to make time for my horse and to work him properly. So what do I do? Both of these guys have grown on me.

As I sit here and write about both Cosmo and Russ I start to feel torn. I want to be able to do everything with both of them. So my plan and goal for the next two months, while I have full use of Russ, is to write up a schedule and fit both of them in. I will juggle my life and theirs and see where it takes me.

Who says you have to be stuck? Maybe the rock and the hard place could work together if we try.