Taylor and Tanga’s Story


The day I moved to Chilliwack, me and my fiancée took a drive around just too take a look at the town we were now to call home. We noticed how many farms there were, that had a number of horses and cattle. As a kid my mother would always send me away for the summers where I would spend the time with my Aunt. My Aunt lived in Orangeville, Ontario pure horse country, I loved it. I was obsessed with horses, always told myself I was going to own my horse as soon as I was older.

17 years later my fiancée and I decided to move to British Columbia for his work. Being a full-time student and wanting to get more into Photography as a career, I started doing Photography job’s for “free” I met this lovely lady and her two daughters, they had 8 horses and I just fell in love with their whole atmosphere. I loved their atmosphere so much I offered another shoot for free. We were chatting and the conversation on getting my own horse came up – I grew up with horses just never owned my own horse before and she offered a stall at her barn if I ever decided to get my own horse, thus started my search.

I began my journey on finding my right “partner”. I already own two Pups, Molly and Lemon, I figured owning a horse would be a bit harder than owning a dog, BOY was I wrong. My fiancée and I decided to drive 8 hours to Quesnel British Columbia, to see a beautiful Mustang, thoroughbred cross filly, for some reason I thought she was older, she was 4 years old and growing. She just wasn’t for me, I was looking for a horse in 8-12 range, something that was “Greenbroke” and something I could learn from and something that could learn from me.

I put the word out there, I contacted rescues. Two days later I received an email from Tara at Hayburner Haven Farm, they had a beautiful 11 year old Saddlebred mare, who was used as a broodmare her whole life. We went out that evening to see “Mia”, not only was she beautiful and needed to put on some weight but she was the most affectionate, friendly mare I had seen. I was told when finding your partner (horse) not to go into it with your heart, that was something I knew I couldn’t do as soon as I saw her I knew I loved her.

On the way home from Hayburner Jay (Fiancée) and I had the “Are you sure” conversation, he took one look at me and he knew I was sure. As soon as I got home I sent the email to Tara to let her know we wanted her, she reminded me about her weight but I knew it wasn’t going to be a problem. I filled out the adoption paperwork and 3 days later, we were off to bring her to her new home. She was pretty skinny lost about 150/200 lbs, she needed lots of work but every animal I have ever owned has been a rescue.

The first couple of weeks took a while for “Mia”, who is now known as Tanga to settle down and find her place among her new heard. I was super happy to see her settle, start gaining weight, and now it’s been 4 months since we brought her home and she has improved majorly.

January 1st was an end to an amazing year, I opened my own business and I adopted the most beautiful mare I have ever seen, I met amazing people, gained new friends  in the horse world, I couldn’t ask for a better year.
Thank you so much Boots N Bridles for featuring Tanga and I in your blog this month.

Taylor Fox
Taylor Fox Photography