Training & Caring for Miniature Horses


Post Written By: Tonni Gonzalez

Training and caring for a miniature horse is not all that different from caring for a large breed horse. They are very similar in how you take care of them. However, if you are not careful, you could hurt them.

Miniature horses are more fragile and need close care. For example, you must be careful when turning them out to pasture. If they are not used to it, they could easily colic from eating too much grass at one time. The same goes when feeding them grain. The portion of food must be enough to fill them, but not too much to cause an unhealthy weight.

Miniature horses have a tougher time losing weight than larger horses. This is because they cannot be exercised in the same ways. You can ride larger horses, and work them to get them to a healthy weight. For miniature horses, the horse and owner must both work. Speaking from a personal experience, when I work with my miniatures, I always do the tasks with them. No matter if it is walking around for ten minutes, or trotting alongside them for five minutes. I always try to work with them for at least thirty minutes a day. This helps keep them in shape and it is also a good way to gain their trust.

Trust is always an important thing when it comes to training a miniature horse as well as a large breed horse. I like to think that I have good trust with all of my horses. Trust is such an important part of training for me. I always want to have as much trust as I can before I start training, but be cautious as you can never have too much trust with an animal. You never know what is going through its mind.

One of my greatest accomplishments in training was with one of my miniature horses named Mae. When I first got her she was nearly impossible to catch. Though with time, she slowly began to trust me more. Soon she would come up to me with no problem at all.

This is one of the most important things. An animal has to trust you before it will do what you ask. With time and work every day, she trusted me and did what I asked her to because she knew that I was someone she could trust, and that I wouldn’t hurt her.

Proper care and training is so important when it comes to miniature horses. If you are a first time miniature horse owner it is very important that you know how to properly take care of one. Owning one can be a handful. They can be just as dangerous as a large horse. So it is very important that you know what you are doing.

Overall, whether you are training, caring for, or owning, miniature horses require just as must attention and care as large breed horses.