Why Should I Use Polo Wraps

Should I Use Polo Wraps?


Another great question that equestrians ask is “why should I use Polo Wraps?” or “Who uses Polo Wraps?”. Polo Wraps do a number of things. First off they are used for supporting the horse’s legs while working them. They help support the ligaments from bowing or straining. With the even pressure that they create it allows the support needed in all types of working horses. They also form a barrier from minor bruises or scrapes that could happen while you are riding out in the trail or even just in the ring. For horses that may be sensitive to different types of footing or dirt it protects the lower half of the leg from touching what may cause them irritation. They are flexible and can work on all types of legs that might have difficulties fitting into boots or other forms of protection and support.

Polo Wraps are more commonly used with Dressage horses or English riders but they are not limited to just those. Polo Wraps can be used by any and all riding disciplines and horses. Some may use them while lunging their horses to help protect against the minor overreaching their horse may do while on the lunge line, or just for the extra support if their horse is a little “wild” at first. They can be used by western riders for the same reason English riders would use them. They are great for out on the trail to give a little protection to the outside of the horse’s leg. Also they are used for shipping and trailering horses. If you do not own shipping boots or leg wraps, Polo Wraps are a good option to be used when you are getting your horse ready to trailer. Polo Wraps are also used, although not very common, for horse turn out and pasture time. The uses for Polo Wraps are many and they are not just for a certain discipline but rather for anyone who needs or wants to use them. They can add a little bit of color or flare to you tack a well and it’s a great way to catch the eyes of other people.