What Are Polo Wraps

What are Polo Wraps?

Polo Wraps and How to Apply Them

This is a common equestrian question asked these days. Polo Wraps are a long strip of fabric, usually a type of fleece, varying in length and width depending on the size of the horse.  They are fastened on by Velcro at the end of the roll and fastened at the top of the horse’s leg. Polo Wraps are usually rolled up in a neat and tidy manner before placing on the horse. Keeping them neat and tidy allows for less chances that there will be wrinkles or bumps in them when they are applied. A trick to rolling polo wraps that will make sure the Velcro is the right side up once unrolled is:

  1. Start by attaching both pieces of Velcro together and then roll the Velcro down towards the end of the polo.
  2. Make sure you roll them tight and as straight as you can. Once they are rolled they will look like they are “inside out” the Velcro will be in the middle of the roll.
  3. The end of the polo wrap is then placed on the horse’s cannon bone on the side opposite to you and unrolled towards you. Unrolling it towards you ensures that when you pull the polo wrap the pressure is pulled across the cannon bone and not the elastic ligaments causing less chance of bowing tendons or damaging the horses tendons on the back of their leg. It also ensures that the Velcro is fastened on the outside of the horse’s leg and not on the inside where the other leg could snag it or get caught and undo it.
  4. You want to start the wrap just under the knee of the horse, rolling it down evenly until you reach the fetlock, then wrap down and under the fetlock once and head back up towards the knee.  You should then finish just under the knee where you started and fasten the Velcro there.
  5. Double check to make sure there are no wrinkles or bumps showing down the leg, if the tension feels even all the way down and back up again you are ready to go.

It may take some practice to get them just right so don’t panic if the first few times it looks funny, just keep trying. Polo Wraps can be place on all 4 legs just be cautious when doing the hind legs.  If it’s the first time for the horse they may tend to pull away or even kick out so make sure you are squatting beside the leg and not behind it or under the horse. Take your time and let the horse get used to the feel of the polo wraps before you just jump on and start riding.